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An IPS Patcher designed and built for power users.

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With a simple and easy to use interface you can apply IPS patches quicker than ever before. Advanced features and functionality make this the ultimate patcher for your Android device.

Apply Patches Fast

Patching is supposed to be a quick thing, and you don’t want to be hanging around waiting for extra screens to open and close. Power Patcher is designed to make applying patches quickly and easily through a wizard style interface. Simply choose a patch and a ROM and press go, Power Patcher does the rest in seconds. 

Patch File Association *

Just like your mobile device patching is available everywhere. With Power Patcher Pro you don’t even need to open the app to apply a patch. You can open patch files from within your favourite Email client, downloads list or Cloud Storage app such as Dropbox or Google Drive and Power Patcher will start up automatically. Select your ROM and you’re good to go, simple as that.

Realtime Integrity Checks

When selecting a patch file an integrity check is run to ascertain if the file selected is a valid patch file. These checks run seamlessly and in the background without disrupting your process. To make sure you don’t waste any time, we’ll inform you if the patch is invalid before you try to apply it. 

Automatic Backups with Prefixes *

Are you worried that your patch will break your ROM? Not sure if you have the correct ROM? No need to worry, because Power Patcher Pro backs up your ROM automatically before you apply a patch to make sure you don’t lose any data. You can even configure backup behaviour like adding a prefix of your choice to the backed up ROM file, or turning backups off altogether to save those valuable seconds.

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I play a lot of video game on my phone. I am also a fan of playing fanhacks, but the annoyance and hassle of getting the proper files from my phone to my computer as well as finding a patcher . . . Power Patcher is great because i can just use it directly from my phone where I have all of my files! Thanks!

Cynthia Gallente

This is needed for anyone who plays Pokemon games on the go. Easy to use and works great.

Neo Zanzuken

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* Please note, some features are only available in the Pro version of Power Patcher.

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